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   Dr. Xuejun Zou received his Ph.D. from McGill University. He is currently the Manager,Chemical Process at FPInnovations (加拿大林产品创新研究院). He has worked in a number of research areas including paper degradation during aging, paper & packaging performance, and more recently on the application of cellulosic nanomaterial and biomaterials as well as bioactive papers. He has been active in promoting technical exchanges and R&D collaborations between Canada and China, including playing a leading role in setting up the China-Canada joint research program on expanding the application of high-yield pulps in high-quality coated papers. He was a board member of SENTINEL University Network on development of bioactive paper, funded by the National Science & Engineering Research Council (NSERC) in Canada (2010-2015). He was also a lead scientist and a member of the Scientific Operations Committee of the NSERC Innovative Green Wood Fibre Network (2012-2015). He co-supervised graduate students with the University of New Brunswick, University of Toronto and Karlstad University. His technical expertise has been sought frequently by government and industry in Canada and China, e.g. volunteer experts for the Chinese Ministry of Education and Bureau of Foreign Experts, technology assessment for nanotechnology companies going to IPOs and expert witness for companies with legal dispute in product quality. His technical contribution has been recognized by numerous awards received from Canada, US and China.



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